Neurotechnology that enables computers to understand the human mind

Nemo helps to determine the personal psycho-emotional state of a person depending on the type of activity, training, and optimization for the transfer of a person to their productive state.

Nemo helps employees to become

more productive and less stressful



Our proprietary algorithms measure stress and focus more precisely than anyone else on the market.


Work principle

The software analyzes both brain waves & face gestures‘ to create easy-to-use reports on daily activity.

2 form factors

EEG-enabled headphones

2 form factors


Nemo helps to measure and analyze the changes in persons’ levels of stress and attention

Nemo’s software uses machine learning to measure and classify EEG signals & gestures in real-time. We have a combination of proprietary algorithms together with neuroscience knowledge.

As the result, Nemo achieves such levels of brain-measurement performance that far exceeds all the market competitors.

Nemo translates control signals (alpha and beta rhythms) from the brain into a user’s smartphone. In the future, this promising technology will enable to control all the digital devices via users’ thoughts & intents only – hands-free and voice-free.

Our solutions

> Enterprises

Boost your employees' productivity and monitor their workday.

> Individuals

Measure personal stress & productivity levels to reshape your life.

> Education

Use Nemo to manage students' ADHD and create personalized study tracks.

of respondents perform better while using Nemo software.

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